Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Selms, Mid Calder

Selms Golf Club.  Founded 1893.  A 9-hole course on Selms Hill, a mile and a quarter from Mid Calder, 600-700 ft asl. 

   “The new Caledonian Railway station at Oakbank, so near at hand, will open up a new field of sport at Selms Farm in the shape of golf. A club was started there some time ago, but the membership was not large enough, as it was too far from the station.

   The course is finely situated, and will be only quarter of a mile from the new station. It is situated on Selms Hill and is 700 feet above sea level. The situation is beautiful, and commands a wide and extensive view, including the valley of the water of Leith, Dalmeny Hill, Edinburgh, and Forth Bridge.”  (WLC 28.1.1899)



No trace has yet been found of he earlier club at Selms farm


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