Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland


Largoward Golf Club. First mentioned 1908. 

 “During the past week rapid progress has been made with the making of the new golf course at Largoward. The whins have been cleared in the line of play, except those to be left as natural hazards, a reaping machine has been at work mowing down the rough grass, stiles have been made and steps erected at convenient places, the greens cut, and pin flags inserted, the latter the gift of the Elie club, and the sand boxes made and put in position. With steady application of mower and roller to the greens the course is practically ready for play, and it only remains for the youth of the village to hasten themselves and take full advantage of the facilities now afforded them for acquiring proficiency in this, the best of all round recreations and pastimes.” (St Andrews Citizen, 8.8.1908)

   “The golf club has just been the recipient of a handsome silver medal, the generous gift of Mr Berwick, Jeweller, St Andrews, a native of the village. This is not the first occasion on which Mr Berwick has shown such kindness, and ever since the initiation of the golf club he has watched with keen interest the progress of the movement and has been most anxious to promote it’s success. His gift is a signal proof of it ; and the generosity and public spirit herein displayed, the genuine marks of true citizenship, are greatly to be admired and deeply appreciated by the club. Other liberal contributions have been received from the Earl Of Crawford, Captain Baxter, and Mr Fortune.” (St Andrews Citizen, 5.12.1908)

No further records have yet been found.

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