Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

Gillshochill Golf Course

The first course of the Glasgow North Western Golf Club. 

North Western Golf ClubInstituted 1896.  Originally a 9-hole course here at Gillshochill, it was extended to 18 holes in 1900.  In 1901 the club moved to an 18 hole course at Ruchill, 10 minutes from Maryhill station.  Ruchill Mansion became the clubhouse while the wooden clubhouse from the old course was transported to the new and placed alongside the 15th hole to be used as a tool-shed. ( See Ruchill for this club's second course )

The Evening Times June 7th 1895


 The Inaugural Meeting


On Wednesday night a meeting of those interested in the formation of a golf club for Maryhill, convened by Mr Kinninmonth, secretary, pro tem, was held in Hopepark Hall, Kelvinside Avenue. Parish councillor Kerr, who presided, explained the steps that had been taken by a number of gentlemen to secure suitable ground. They entered into negotiations for a park about 450 acres in extent, used as a grazing field on Lochburn Farm, tenanted by Mr Johnstone. The proprietors were willing to grant it conditionally for a lease for five years, as the ground may be required for feuing purposes. It was agreed to defer any action in the meantime. A committee composed of Messrs Kerr, Kinninmonth, Archibald, Shaw, Ex Bailie McLeod, D. Walker, Strachan and Higgie were appointed to make further investigations and to report to a meeting in about a fortnights time. The ground is admirably situated on Gilshochhill, and easy of access to residents in Maryhill and North Kelvinside, and there is no doubt but that it would be taken advantage of. It is proposed to charge a guinea entry money, and one guinea of a yearly subscription. The names of 63 gentlemen were handed in who promised to join the proposed club, and the meeting pledged itself to secure about 150 or 200 names.


5 Months later

 Edinburgh Evening News November 6th 1895


 "At a meeting held in Maryhill last night, it was agreed to form a golf club in Maryhill, to be called " The North Western Golf Club."

   The ground consits of 49 acres, suitable for a nine-hole course, and is situated on Gilshochill Estate. One hundred and twenty names have already been enrolled."



Glasgow Evening Times November 6th 1895

Club For Maryhill


Last night a meeting of gentlemen favourable to the formation of a golf club for Maryhill district was held in the public hall, Kelvinside Avenue. Parish councillor Kerr, who presided, said there was suitable ground at Gillshochill, which would make a nine-hole course. A five years lease was stipulated, the rental being fixed at £80 for the first year, £90 for the second, and £1200 for the remaining years. It was agreed, on the motion of Mr Weston, seconded by Mr Fraser, that a golf club be formed to be named the “ North Western Golf Club.” The entry money was fixed at one guinea for the first 200 members, and an annual subscription of one guinea. Already 120 names have been enrolled. Mr Strachan was appointed Captain, Mr Alex Hay, Vice Captain,Mr Kinninmonth, secretary and treasurer, and a committee of 20 members.


Glasgow Evening Times August 21st 1896


The North Western course is laid out, as most of the readers of this column know, on Gillshochill, Maryhill. It is a stiff course, and trying – needlessly trying – to the stout or short winded golfer. While the Western portion of the links is in fairly good condition, all the rest of it is quite overgrown with grass. What the committee should do is to employ two or three horse mowers , and then put on a score or two of sheep. The first green is a very bad one, but the others are promising well.

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