Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland


Proposed Golf Club


   "At the close of the village association meeting on Monday evening, several gentlemen met for the purpose of promoting a golf club for Laurieston. Mr J.R. Duncan occupied the chair.

   Two places were mentioned as suitable for a course – namely, some of the lands belonging to Westquarter, and the fields near Laurieston Iron Works. A committee consisting of Messrs Duncan Ballantine, Dick Horn, and C. Hamilton were appointed to interview Captain Livingstone of Westquarter with a view to getting his permission to form a course on his lands.

   A large number of local gentlemen have intimated their willingness to become members should it be possible to acquire a course in the immediate vicinity"  

(FH 18.10.1905).

Proposed club for Laurieston


   "On Monday evening a number of influential gentlemen met in the Established Church Hall for the purpose of forming a golf club. On the motion of Mr Hain, Mr J.R. Duncan was called to the chair, and briefly explained the purpose of the meeting.

   Different points were discussed especially where ground suitable could be procured for the course. It was suggested that a fairly good course could be laid out on the Langton Farm provided liberty could be got from the tenant and the proprietor.

   It was agreed to form a small committee to call upon Major Livingstone and Mr Bayne, and the following gentlemen were appointed – Rev Mr Dron,Mr J. Ballantyne, Mr Charles Hamilton, and Mr J.R. Duncan."   (FM 21.10.1905)

Falkirk Herald 25th October 1905

Golf Club


The Formation


   "The committee for investigating the formation of the Golf Club held a meeting on Monday evening at which it was decided to form a golf club for Laurieston. It was also agreed that the election of office bearers be held over to await the outcome of ground for a course.

   The meeting was informed that a deputation had waited on Captain Livingstone of Westquarter, with a view to getting suitable ground for a course, and were favourably received by him.

   During the interview Captain Livingstone offered some friendly suggestions, which, we understand, are under the consideration of the committee.

   It is hoped that, in view of the want of recreative facilities in the village, and as negotiations are unlikely to fall through, the course should be prepared immediately, and that devotees of the game will soon be in a position to play over a course of their own."  

(FH 25.20.1905)

There is no evidence that the proposed scheme was ever executed.

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