Forgotten Greens of Scotland
Forgotten Greens of Scotland

The Early Golfers of Ballantrae

This site has always been about the history of our old defunct golf courses and i never get involved in politics or whatever, however, there are people from afar trying to interfere and change our wonderful game and i just have to make my feelings known by sending a message to them, which is, Leave now Liv golf and let the game live on.

When golf, the P.G.A. and the Tour meant something.

From a historians point of view


Golf today has become a global sport especially in the professional ranks, where prize money in tournaments has gone through the roof, a couple of wins on the European Tour and you are half way to becoming a millionaire, and one wonders whether the so called elite of our great game playing on the Liv circuit, who are already multi millionaires, have any thoughts or concerns about their professional colleagues further down the line, or for that matter, the game of golf as a whole, I doubt it, I think it is called morals, and none of them seem to have a moral bone in their bodies. They have fallen into the ( Greed Trap ) and seem to have forgot, or don’t care, where they came from and the people who once guided them through the start of their career.

This of course, does not apply to all the players such as Woods, McIlroy, and others who have stuck to their guns and remained within the traditional tours, which, deserves much respect and admiration, not only to themselves, but also from all their adoring public.

The general public probably does not realise, just how much support and help the respective P.G.A.’s on both sides of the pond, have given their registered players throughout the years with all sorts of support, help, and guidance along their journey to becoming better players and having a secure future in the world of Professional golf. The P.G.A. have always looked upon their players as being part of their family and now the money grabbers of the Liv tour have turned their back on that family. How much money does anyone need !!!.

So what should the world of golf do with these guys, well, if I had my way, I would simply ban them all ( with no exceptions ) from every golf major and every P.G.A. event on both sides of the pond for ever, and let them enjoy the fruits of their labours from their own little Liv tour. This would also include the Ryder Cup, alas, where players play for their respective sides for free !!!!.

I certainly would not miss any one of them at the Open or any other event.

Of course sponsorship and all sorts of other deals made along the way makes the above very complicated, however, both tours should put their foot down very firmly and make a statement to this effect. Both the public and the respective organisations have always demanded a certain level of dedication, respect, and humility from the players, who have gladly and voluntarily agreed to adhere to over the years.

If our present organisations, P.G.A., U.S.P.G.A., European Tour, R & A, U.S.G.A., give in to this madness now, then the consequences could be catastrophic for the game’s future with possibilities of change to all our long standing majors under the control of Liv Golf, because ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake, this all about Mr Norman and his cronies wanting control of the worlds most popular sport. Can anyone imagine our majors being reduced to 54 holes!!!!!, That’s one of the possibilities, God forbid,

I have attended or worked at many tour events throughout the years and wonder what my former colleagues, many of whom, have passed away, would think of the present situation within our game. I have, recently, however, had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing one such former professional, Mr Jim McAlister, a past winner of the Scottish Senior Title in 1995, to ask him his opinion on the whole affair, and I am glad to say that he agrees with every sentiment of the above. I also believe that this would be the feelings of the vast majority of ordinary club members throughout the world of golf, will Liv be handing any of their millions down to them ?, don’t be silly.

I’m in a rage !!!!!.

 Just checking that he is keeping up with play on the Swilken Bridge

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Forgotten Greens


Scottish Golf Clubs, Courses and Names which no longer exist




Harry Ward


 The book, with the same title has now been published and is available from Amazon and several other outlets, Toppings St Andrews, etc,etc and is published with the grateful assistance of Mr David Hamilton of the Partick Press. 


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This 20 years of research has blew the lid off of all Scotland’s previous known golf courses, with hundreds of new and never seen before entries. Buy the book now on Amazon.


Colin Montgomerie O.B.E.,turned Pro in 1987. I was working as a volunteer for the P.G.A. at his first pro appearance and have followed him ever since. I am thrilled to have his encouraging words on this site. He was born in 1963 and is the 4th all time winner on the european tour with 31 wins. He has won twice on the Asian tour, 3 times on the champions tour, and 8 times on the European Seniors tour, along with 8 other titles. He won the European tour order of merit a record 8 times and has an incredible Ryder cup record, having never lost a singles match. He captained the side in 2010 at Celtic Manor. His two major victories came in the seniors tour and he was runner up in the Senior P.G.A.Championship this year. Colin has been an ambassador for Scottish golf for many years, and as such, it is fitting that he should contribute the opening comments on this site. Thanks Colin. 

Colin Montgomerie


Original Foreword For Book


Many Web Sites have been produced on golf and its history and every now and then one appears which sets new standards and stands out above the rest, I believe this site to be one of those.

Scotland has always been the home of golf and has been blessed from the outset on its unique courses, large championships circuits to the smallest village nine hollers. The information contained herein compliments even further the vast expansion of our national game during the late 19th century, and Harry, aided by the numerous unaltered newspaper articles, convey's quite brilliantly to the reader an understanding of how the game of golf was perceived and adopted so enthusiastically by the masses both young and old, rich or poor. Another surprising and interesting aspect of this research is the number of early unknown clubs and courses which have been uncovered and brought to our attention.This site will appeal to anyone who is interested in golf, to the most avid historian and to the thousands of club golfers, male or female, who just simply love the game. Most of the golf courses detailed on this site are being brought to the public for the first time since their formation, and the title could not be more apt ( Forgotten Greens ), for a reference document I find it most refreshing and exciting.I heartily congratulate Harry on this fine effort.


                                                                 Colin Montgomerie.



Alfie Ward

( Deceased )

( Written in 2017 )


It is both humbling and an honour to offer a few words in praise of this web site. The dedication and effort which must be exercised in such a valuable contribution to golf history can often go unnoticed or unappreciated. Therefore, I would like to heartily commend Harry for this extraordinarily fine effort. It goes without saying that this site will prove to be an invaluable reference for future researchers of our great sport.

Golf courses have sprung up, blossomed, and then died away over the past century, and more. None least in Scotland, the recognised ‘hame o’ gowf  !’ The reasons for this are variable and stem from the effects of war ; disputes over ground leases ; alternative development of the land ; subsidence due to underground mining and possibly erosion ; or simply a club transferring its activities to a better site or location. That was in the past. Today and in the future, the sport of golf might find itself threatened by another issue – that of equipment technology advances and the escalation of its effects of continued distance attainment thereof? Indeed, it can be easily argued that technology advances in the past were directly responsible for the demise of dozens, if not hundreds, of our early pioneering golf courses.

Therefore, this web site is not merely a reference guide of the forgotten and now defunct golf courses of the past, but an insight and possible warning of times to come.  To blatantly ignore the lessons of history in any realm of life is foolhardy in the extreme!

Of course, there will remain a few courses, as yet, still undiscovered. Especially those from centuries back in time which may, in all probability, remain forgotten forever? Those sporting mysteries of –man, stick and ball?

Alfie Ward. Golf historian.


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