Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland




Falkland Golf Club - 1. Founded 1902.  A 9-hole course on the Myre two and a half miles from Falkland Road station. 


Length of Course,  2749 yards - Bogey  45


Hole No.             1          2            3           4            5           6            7          8             9


Length              420      380      296      120       400       300      240      260        333

(in yard

Bogey                  6          6            5           3            6            5           4           5             5


Since its foundation, the course has been greatly improved, and is now a fairly good inland course.  A substantial clubhouse was opened in September 1907.  (WWG)

Major trophies: Lathrisk Cup, Morrison Medal. 


Membership around 60.


In 1939 part of course was ploughed up to aid war effort and the club abandoned.  Clubhouse is now Country Cottage.

“Work is to be started immediately on the laying out of a new nine hole golf course near the village of Dunshelt.  The course will probably take the place of the Falkland and Auchtermuchty golf courses, both of which went out of action during the war. The course is to run alongside the Falkland – Auchtermuchty road.”

(DC 18.7.1947)

      “The golf club opened last year. The course lies at Dunshelt, just over a mile from Falkland, on the Auchtermuchty road.” (ET 8.3.1949)


   “It had sheep-grazed fairways and fenced greens, and only lasted a few years.”  (Captain of current club)


The course does not appear in any of the Golfing Annuals and it is not known for how long it existed.


The current club opened, on a different site, in 1975.

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