Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland
 Forgotten Golfing Greens Of Scotland

Maybole 1, and 2.

Maybole Golf Club, Instituted 1905. First Course. A 9 hole course half a mile from the station.

      “The new golf course at Kilkenzie, a mile from Maybole, was opened on Saturday by Sir James Fergusson, Bart, of Kilkerran, M.P. Provost Ramsay presented Sir James with a silver headed cleek and with it, he drove off the first ball. The Fernie’s of Troon, Senior and Junior, then engaged in an exhibition game. “(S 8.5.1905)

      “A special meeting of the Maybole Golf Club was held in the Lesser Town Hall, Maybole, on Saturday night to receive a report from the committee recommending leaving their present quarters at Kilhenzie at 1st May next, and submitting terms for entering into a new contract for ground on the farm of Auchenwinn on that date. The chairman stated that it was recognised on all hands that the Kilhenzie course, during the summer months especially, was unplayable and altogether unsuitable for golf, and the committee had come to the conclusion that it was necessary to find a place situated nearer to the town where they would be privileged to cut the grass from time to time, where no cows were allowed to graze, and where bunkers, &c could be made at will.” (AA4.4.1907) 

Kilhenzie Castle in the 30s
a 2 ball with caddies at Kilhenzie

Second Course. “Mr William Fernie of Troon, who is well known throughout the country as an expert in laying off golf courses, was in Maybole on Wednesday last surveying the new ground at Auchenwin and laying off the course. He expressed his satisfaction at the ground which the club has been successful in leasing. The turf is exceptionally good, and the soil being sandy ensures good golf being indulged in all year round. There is no fear of flooding, the ground having a gradual slope on all sides. From the course an unrivalled view of Maybole is obtained.

      The length of the course is about 2,300 yards, being 400 yards longer than the present course at Kilhenzie. The distances are as follows: - 1st Hole 445 yards, 2nd Hole 340 yards, 3rd Hole 150 yards, 4th Hole 250 yards, 5th Hole 202 yards, 6th Hole 370 yards, 7th Hole 117 yards, 8th Hole 280 yards, 9th Hole 250 yards.

      Mr Wallace, Joiner, has been successful in securing the contract for the removal of the present clubhouse at Kilhenzie to Auchenwinn, also the erection of bridges and gates at the new course. The removal will be carried out this week and arrangements are being hurried forward to enable members to start play over the new course within the next ten days.” (AA 25.4.1907)

      The club was closed at the outbreak of WW1 when the course was ploughed up for the growing of crops to aid the war effort.

      After the war a nine -hole course was formed in the Memorial Park and the old club was reformed. Initially it flourished and had a strong enthusiastic membership. Later, the course was taken over by the town council

       “Of 2,300 yards, SSS 35, it is a fairly hilly course with excellent views.  It is a municipal course, but has a separate club that promotes competitions.  Activities still suspended.” (SGC Mar 1947)                                    

Present course formed 1970

Maybole also has an existing course in town
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